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Maunsell Sea Forts, Whitstable

Take a boat trip from Whitstable harbour to the Maunsell sea forts for a unique experience. Constructed in 1942 to a design by Guy Maunsell, the forts purpose was to provide anti-aircraft fire within the Thames Estuary area. If you manage to get close to them you can still see parts of the ladders that were used by the men posted there. In recent times the forts have been used as pirate radio stations during the 60's and 70's but since have remained abandoned due to their poor condition and difficult access. While
you're still on the boat, head over to the Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Completed in August 2005, the wind farm consists of 30 wind turbine generators, distributing electricity to over 100,000 households in north-east Kent.

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